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Decorative flake epoxy is a lovely floor coating that can be installed anywhere! This concrete coating is great for garages and workspaces due to its added slip resistance. It comes in a variety of different colors. This flooring is incredibly durable and is made to last for decades! Decorative flake epoxy is easily maintained and is stain resistant to even the harshest of chemicals such as motor oil and gasoline. Call today for this beautiful abstract flooring!
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    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    The Places You Can Find Decorative Epoxy Flooring

    Decorative Flake Epoxy is an incredibly popular flooring choice that can be installed in many different places. There are many various benefits and reasons for each location to install this specific epoxy flooring that gives it an advantage. Whether you are looking for a residential, commercial, or industrial installation, there are benefits to these locations making decorative flake epoxy the perfect flooring.


    Decorative flake epoxy is a great flooring option for residential areas. This flooring is most commonly found in workspaces and garages but can be used in areas like kitchens and bathrooms to give a unique and abstract look. This flooring is strong and durable and made to last for decades. This flooring can provide extra slip resistance in your home areas that need it most like kitchens and garages. This flooring comes in a wide variety of colors to go with your home decor.


    Decorative Flake Epoxy flooring can add a look of professionalism to any space. Your business will have a beautiful and durable flooring that will last for years to come. Commercial areas such as kitchens, restaurants, and factories can utilize all the benefits of this beautiful floor. This flooring creates a slip-resistant surface that is also resistant to stains and is easily maintained. Decorative flake epoxy is a budget-friendly flooring solution that is great for the environment as well.


    Manufacturing plants and warehouses can benefit significantly from decorative flake epoxy flooring. This flooring is strong and durable and can withstand heavy machinery’s weight often found in these settings. Heavy foot traffic and forklift traffic, won’t wear down these floors, and they will last for decades. They offer added slip-resistance to keep employees safer and are resistant to harsh chemicals such as gas and oil. This budget-friendly flooring is excellent for industrial buildings giving a beautiful look as well.
    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    The Benefits of Decorative Flake Epoxy

    Decorative Flake Epoxy Comes with many great benefits!


    One of the most noticeable aspects of this flooring is its abstract beauty. There are many different color choices to choose between the main layer and the decorative flakes. You can mix and match your favorite colors to make flooring that is truly unique to you. You can also choose the level of sheen for your flooring, whether you prefer more of a matte look or want a high-gloss shine, the choice to customize it is yours!


    Decorative Epoxy Flooring may look different than other epoxy floors, but they all share the same great benefits. One of these is their incredible durability. This flooring can hold up against the heavy weight of machinery and appliances found in your home or factories. No matter the weight, this flooring won’t buckle or crack. Decorative flake epoxy won’t chip, peel, or crack and is impact resistant. This flooring is one of the strongest on the market and is built to last you for decades.

    Easy Maintenance

    Decorative flake epoxy is entirely customizable and beautiful. It is durable and built to last with proper maintenance. A perk of this flooring is it doesn’t take much maintenance to prolong its life and keep it beautiful. Due to epoxy’s seamless design, it repels dust and debris making for easy cleanup with a simple dust mop and broom. These floors are resistant to chemicals, and spills won’t stain them, keeping them looking their best. You’ll never have to spend money on expensive specialty cleaners.

    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    The Importance of Professional Installation

    A team of experts you can trust for installation.

    Many do it yourself kits on the market today that can make it tempting to want to take on decorative flake epoxy on your own. There is a lot of preparation involved in this flooring that guarantees its strength and durability. Having a professional install your decorative flake epoxy ensures that the bond is secure, and your flooring will last for decades to come. A professional installation is safer and keeps you within budget without the fear of sinking more money into flooring if done incorrectly.
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