Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy Flooring Richmond specializes in flooring that is as beautiful as it is durable. Commercial areas need a floor that is dependable and strong to carry the heavy load of different items like shelving units and appliances. Heavy foot traffic from employees and customers won’t dull the shine on commercial epoxy floors, and they are incredibly easy to maintain. You have many different options to customize this flooring, and it is terrific for the environment as well! You can’t go wrong with epoxy flooring!
Commercial Areas You’ll Find Epoxy Flooring:
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Factories

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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Where This Flooring Is Found

    There are many benefits to epoxy flooring that make it an excellent option for commercial use. It is easily maintained, which keeps your work environment cleaner and safer for customers and employees. Different styles and colors can be installed with this flooring to make your space unique to your company. This durable flooring is resistant to stains and impact and will never crack, chip, or peel, keeping its beautiful shine for years to come!


    Restaurants and commercial kitchens can benefit significantly from commercial epoxy flooring. These areas are full of fast-paced foot traffic that needs an excellent slip-resistant surface that epoxy can provide. There are specific codes and health standards that dining establishments must adhere to, and with the easy maintenance and stain resistance of epoxy, they help keep a clean floor. The seamless design of epoxy prevents the growth of bacteria and repels dirt making for sanitary flooring.


    Epoxy flooring is terrific for factory settings. This flooring is strong and durable, but it is easily cleaned, creating a safer work environment. You have many colors and designs to choose from, which can be used to mark off specific areas of the factory for different departments or uses. Epoxy flooring can withstand the heavy weight of machinery without cracking or buckling under pressure. This flooring is stain resistant as well as slip-resistant, making it perfect for fast-paced production lines.

    Retail Stores

    Retail stores can benefit from the durability of epoxy as well as its beauty. When you have a beautiful floor, it reflects on the quality of your products. If you want your store to have quality products, you need quality surroundings. This flooring repels dust and dirt and is easily maintained. Epoxy flooring is built to last for decades without the worry of losing its shine! No special cleaners or waxes are needed for its upkeep, and it creates a safe, slip-resistant surface for your employees and customers alike.
    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    Facts About Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    There is Much More to Commercial Epoxy Than Good Looks

    There's a Secret Ingredient

    When thinking about what makes epoxy flooring such a strong in durable flooring, think of the ingredients. Epoxy flooring secret ingredient is the epoxy resins. These resins are responsible for ensuring this flooring is powerful and resistant. The resin is responsible for the high performance, fire resistance, and waterproofing of these floors. Epoxy floors are installed with 100% epoxy resins, which guarantees you’ll have a strong and durable floor for decades! Resin truly is a powerful secret ingredient!

    It's All In The Prep Work

    Installing an epoxy flooring is a multistep process that is recommended to be done by a professional. The most important part of this process is the preparation. Traditionally, epoxy flooring is applied over concrete flooring giving a strong bond to create such durable flooring. This concrete must be stripped of any sealers or topcoat and ground down to a coarse consistency to guarantee a secure hold. Having this incredible bond ensures its strength, so the length and strength of your flooring are all in the prep work!

    Environmentally Friendly

    Epoxy flooring is excellent for companies who are concerned about their carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly flooring is essential not only for the environment but also for your company. When first applied, the fumes can be harsh, but after the cure time, you have great flooring that produces no waste. With other floorings, there will be a waste because it is bought in bulk. Epoxy flooring is carefully measured and poured, so you only use the exact amount you need without any waste product.

    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    The Process of Installing Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    The epoxy installation experts are here for you!

    Applying epoxy flooring is recommended to call a professional to guarantee that the flooring is sturdy and durable. First, the area will be cleaned to ensure proper prep work. Then, the concrete surface will be ground down to a coarse surface to ensure adequate bonding. Dust and first are swept away to keep a clean surface. Once the surface is prepped, the epoxy is mixed and quickly applied with squeegees or rollers. More layers are used depending on the desired thickness.
    A sealer can be applied for added protection and to keep colors bright and shiny. Soon after, the epoxy flooring is cured for around 72 hours, and you’ll have a durable and beautiful flooring!

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