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Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy Flooring Richmond

Standard Epoxy Flooring

Beautify your home or business with epoxy!
Epoxy flooring is beautiful and robust flooring that has many ways to personalize it as your own. This flooring comes in many colors and designs that can complement any home or business. This flooring offers a seamless design that repels dirt and dust, making it quickly cleaned with a simple mop or broom. You will never need any specialty cleaners, including waxes, to keep the shine of these floors looking great. Epoxy flooring has so many great benefits that are seen in many different places.
Greatest Benefits of Epoxy Flooring
  • Easily Cleaned and Maintained
  • Completely Customizable
  • Strong and Durable
  • Will last for many years

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    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    The Different Types of Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy flooring is a beautiful flooring for a variety of places, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. These floors are easily maintained, impact-resistant, stain-resistant, and offer a high-quality shine. Epoxy flooring can bear a heavy load, and heavy foot traffic won’t affect the shine of these floors. One of the greatest things about these floors is how they are entirely customizable. Not only are these floors available in different colors, but different styles.
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    Standard Epoxy Flooring

    Standard epoxy flooring is a durable and robust flooring that, despite its name, can be customized in many different ways. This flooring gives all the great benefits of epoxy flooring, like its stain resistance and high shine. You can choose from many different color options and designs, such as geometric patterns. Standard epoxy can even be used with multiple colors and can mimic the look of tile floors. This epoxy is excellent for any area of your home or business and can also incorporate logos.
    commercial epoxy floor coating

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Metallic epoxy flooring is a reliable flooring that is most well known for its lustrous shine and many different color options. This flooring looks similar to marble flooring and can bring the element of elegance to any room. Metallic epoxy flooring offers a high-quality shine that is the same level of showroom quality floors. This flooring can be done in many different colors and different designs, such as scenes of nature. This flooring is truly unique as the application process prevents the flooring from being duplicated.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    Decorative Flake Epoxy

    Decorative flake epoxy flooring offers all the great benefits of epoxy flooring in addition to added safety. The decorative flakes give added slip-resistance to this flooring, which comes in handy in factory or garage settings. This epoxy flooring can be customized in many different ways. While there are premade color options available, you can choose the color of the base and the color of the flakes to truly make it your own. Decorative flake epoxy is a great flooring, specifically in places like work areas.
    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    There are many benefits to the types of epoxy besides just beauty
    commercial concrete epoxy

    Epoxy Floors Are Low Maintenance

    Traditional flooring, such as wood or tile, require specially formulated cleaners to brighten and clean the flooring. Epoxy flooring can be cleaned with simple soapy water if necessary but most often only requires a simple dust mop. The seamless design of epoxy flooring repels dust and debris making it easy to maintain and keep its high-quality shine. Having such a beautiful shine is low maintenance as well! The shine from this flooring is easily kept without the use of any waxes.
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    Strength and Durability

    Epoxy flooring is incredibly strong and durable, so it is built to last for a decade or more! This flooring has a simple maintenance routine that, as long as its kept, will keep these floors stronger for longer. This flooring is chemical resistant and well as impact-resistant and can bear the weight of heavy loads without cracking or chipping. Heavy foot traffic is no issue for this flooring and will not dull the shine of this flooring.
    commercial epoxy

    Environmentally Friendly

    Epoxy flooring is actually a very environmentally friendly flooring. With other floorings such as wood or tile, you end up with extra materials that end up in landfills and are wasted. Epoxy flooring utilizes the flooring you already have. The mixture is measured to the exact amount to where no waste product is produced. There are some fumes present in the application process of epoxy flooring. Still, once fully cured, there are no harmful lingering fumes that can hurt you.
    commercial epoxy flooring installers
    Epoxy Flooring Richmond

    The Importance of Hiring a Professional

    It may be tempting to do it yourself, but hiring a professional is important
    You can find many epoxy flooring kits in home improvement stores that may be tempting to buy to try and save some money. The truth is, hiring a professional is not only essential but affordable. There is a lot of preparation that goes into epoxy flooring. It is the most crucial step in the installation process. A professional ensures that the proper preparation work is done to guarantee the high bond and strength that epoxy offers. The professional installation gives you the floor that you want without settling.
    Hiring a professional is an essential part of the flooring process. This ensures you get a high-quality flooring at a great price without making any mistakes you may regret and cost you more money.

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